99-03 Ford 7.3L Powerstroke BDP Dominator 66 D66 Turbo w/Billet Compressor Wheel


99-03 Ford 7.3L Powerstroke BDP Dominator 66 D66 Turbo w/Billet Compressor Wheel


$300 Core charge will be applied, and is refundable upon receipt of your original turbo!

Bean's Diesel Performance D66 is a true DIRECT bolt-on high performance turbo 99.5-03 Power Stroke.  This is a high performance stock replacement turbo. This upgrade will improve the air flow from the stock 750CFM to over 1050 CFM! That is a 30% air flow increase over stock which translates directly into lower smoke levels, lower Exhaust Gas Temps, (as much as 300 degrees) and more horse power. We now include at no extra charge our Milled Billet Compressor wheel that increases Tq and HP as well as flattening out the HP curve and increasing  turbo response! This turbo is great for any Power Stroke from stock HP levels to over 500hp! 

This turbo requires at least a tuner to run well, not recommended for a bone-stock truck. You will notice more lag with this turbo vs a stock turbo. It is best suited for stage one or stage two injectors.



  • BDP AIR FORCE Milled Billet Compressor wheel designed to move more air through outthe entire power band
  • 500+ Horse Power Capability
  • Direct Bolt in Replacement
  • All new parts used. No remained bearing sections like other companies may do. These turbos are all new. 
  • Lowers Exhaust Gas Temps
  • Eliminates troublesome waste gates
  • Eliminates restrictive Exhaust Back Pressure Valve
  • Increased Turbine Wheel size for better flow and efficiency
  • 1.15 AR non waste gated turbine housing that will increase exhaust flow over the stock .84 AR housing
  • Journal bearing design that is easily re-buildable with off the shelf parts


1 year limited warranty- Does not cover oil contaminants or oil supply problems. 


The   Dominator 66's now come with a larger turbine wheel and a 1:15 turbine housing and billet van flange adapter for even better performance and lower EGT's as well as our new Billet Compressor wheel for quicker spool up and a broader power range!


We also recommend to purchase the Non EBPV Pedestal to go along with this turbo to prevent future oil leaks. The D66 WILL NOT COME WITH AN EBP Valve UNLESS SPECIAL ORDERED!  

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