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(99-03) 175/146: The 175/146 injectors are a terrific upgrade for those 99-03 7.3L owners looking for efficiency as well as a modest power increase. The 175 single shot injectors retain the OEM ("146" nozzle), use no more high pressure oil than stock AD split shot injectors, yet flow 25+ cc's more of fuel. The 174/146 single shot injectors have shown to consistently make over 375 RWHP, which is a 60hp+ gain, over an already "hot-chipped" Super Duty truck. With the included custom tuned chip we've consistently seen a 2-3 MPG increase with these injectors. 

(95-03) 200/30%: The 200/30% hybrid injector is a TERRIFIC upgrade for the customer who wants reliable, streetable power, without having to incur the extra expense of twin High Pressure Oil pumps, head studs, very large turbo upgrades, etc. With mild/stock tuning on your chip, this injector can be 'turned down' to a hp level that is not only streetable, but near stock power levels, with no smoke. Conversely, this same injector can be turned up (via programming) to a level that routinely dynos ~425rwhp with very, very little smoke (with minor, bolt on turbo upgrades). Custom tuned chip included. 

(95-03) 200/200%: 200cc hybrid injectors with a 200% larger than stock nozzle (while retaining factory HPOP). Custom tuned chip included. 

(95-03) 238/200%: 238cc hybrid injector with a 200% larger than stock nozzle. For competition use. Custom tuned chip included. 

(95-03) 300/200%: 300cc hybrid injector with a custom, 200% high flow nozzles. Capable of 550-600rwhp. 
Custom tuned chip included. 

(95-03) 400/400%: 400cc injectors with custom EDM nozzle and extensive internal modification. Dyno to +1000rwhp. Custom tuned chip included.

Swamp's Diesel Performance Core Policy:

Swamp's Diesel Performance defines CORE INJECTORS as those injectors which were most recently installed into your vehicle's engine. Injectors returned to us, which are out of a salvage yard, injectors which have been burned, or externally damaged, will NOT be suitable as cores. Any injector which has previously been disassembled will NOT be a suitable core injector. 
We will not accept injectors as suitable cores that have run waste vegetable oil or alternative fuels (to include home-made veggie or bio fuels).

95-97: Your cores will need to meet ALL of the stipulations outlined in our definition of CORE INJECTORS, above, as well as being free of damages which may have occurred due to poor quality fuel being run through the injectors. If your cores have been exposed to gasoline, water, or poor fuel filtration, then you can assume that all 8 of the plunger & barrel assemblies will be damaged, and will need to be replaced at a cost of $480 per set. Normal injector wear, to include poppet valve wear, fuel plate erosion, loss of internal spring tension, etc, is considered normal, and we repair/replace those parts on every set. Normal wear is not something we consider to be out of the ordinary.

Warranty: 5-Year, 200,000 miles (whichever comes first). Our warranty will cover any injector defect caused by our parts (including injector o‐rings), our machining procedures, our assembly and/or testing process, and/or modifications we make to the fuel injector.

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