Gearhead MCC 6.4 Tune Packages for H&S

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Gearhead MCC 6.4 Tune Packages for H&S


The 6.4 Powerstroke has a unique issue accompanying this otherwise great engine. The Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) became mandated by the EPA to reduce the amount of particulate emissions (soot) exiting the tailpipe. When this filter becomes clogged, it uses extra fuel (injected while the exhaust valve is open) to "regen" or clean the trapped soot from the substrate. The regen cycles keep exhaust emissions low at the cost of increased fuel consumption.

Custom files are available for maximum mileage by keeping the smoke output to a minimum and keep DPF regeneration cycles to a minimum as well.  Automatic trucks get 3 different transmission tune files as well.

Our tunes DO NOT delete the DPF filter. Older "pre-ban" tuners allow you to turn emissions on or off.

  • Stock - This file is about a 40 horse increase over stock power levels, it can tow whatever you want while giving better shift firmness than stock.
  • Tow - Awesome daily driver file ( good for light towing) with butt kicking response, low smoke, and about 475 horse to the rear wheels. The best shifting all-around street file on the market period!
  • Street - Not studded and looking for max power? This is the tune for you, about 525 horse to the rear wheels
  • Performance - This is our hottest tune for the 6.4. Studs are highly recommended, this file produces about 550 horse to the rear wheels.

Additional Ordering Information - Under normal circumstances custom tunes are delivered via email within two days of completing the custom tuning sheet. The custom tuning sheet link is downloadable after you complete your purchase. This is how we collect the vehicle and tuner data neceassry to write your custom tunes. We will also need a copy of your exported engine and transmission files.

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